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canada-maple-leaf-lgprintI specialize in helping Canadians purchase  Arizona Real Estate.  Specifically, real estate  in Scottsdale,  Paradise Valley, Phoenix and outlying areas such as Mesa and Gold Canyon.  Born and educated as a Registered Nurse in  British Columbia, I appreciate the Canadian lifestyle and understand how to work with Canadians.  According to the 2013 National Association of Realtors Survey, only 27 % of real estate agents in the United States have knowledge of working with Foreign Buyers, of those, only 8% have experience in Luxury real estate, so it is important that you choose someone who has successfully completed  multiple transactions with Canadian buyers and sellers.

Why do Canadians buy homes in Arizona?    Canadians, buy homes in Arizona for several reasons,  the weather, convenient to travel and affordability, a safe environment and often, a great investment with low taxes.  Whether you are looking to retire in Arizona or purchase a second home, Arizona provides a close getaway for Canadians. With Arizona’s warm climate (over 300 days of sunshine) ,  sporting events, great restaurants, entertainment, and endless outdoor activities, it continues to remain a popular destination.

The Phoenix area market has actually seen a substantial increase in values over the past 11 months, rising more than 20% but compared with just 4 years ago, we still have a long ways to go.  In addition, if we look at a more prestigious area of Phoenix, such as Scottsdale, a common and popular destinations for Canadians, the median home value 4 years ago was around $400,000.  4 years later, we are just under $310,000; 22% down from where we were in 2008.  Another piece of data to consider when assessing value is to look at the square footage cost and quality of the build.  When we look at Scottsdale again for the average price per square foot, prices are currently hovering around $235.00/sq ft.  Comparing that to the average price per square foot in major cities throughout Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, it’s not uncommon for square foot costs to be double or even triple what Scottsdale currently offers.  So not only are prices much more affordable than they were 4 years ago, but Canadian buyers coming from major cities, can expect to see huge difference in the size of home their money can buy in Arizona versus Canada.

With that being said, home values in Phoenix and Scottsdale are on the rise and data indicates values will continue on this path for years to come.  As a result, it truly is a great time to buy if you’re looking for an investment property or residence in the Arizona.

When Canadian clients find homes that suit their lifestyle and needs, we are there to help with a vast resource of  partners.  Our team can be a valuable resource if you are looking to purchase a home or sell a current residence.  Translators are available upon request.  Call Yvonne and secure your place in the Valley of The Sun today!


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Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

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Critical Date List

Closing Costs: Who Pays What


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